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(It’s like our mantra, but we leave our shoes on)

Our overriding philosophy is to do whatever is necessary to make your meeting or incentive program a success. Details matter to ONYX. Our clients expect excellence in organization, delivery, and execution of their programs. We deliver that excellence in every element from registration through departures.


If an element of your program is not content-related, we assume it is our responsibility and included within the scope of our management fee. With this basic guideline, there is no room for any detail to be missed.



(We will shamelessly drop names)

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies from multiple industries. We work with franchise organizations, national sales groups, for-profit, non-profit, and professional associations. We plan meetings and incentives on every continent (except Antarctica...but seriously, there isn’t a hotel there yet), and for very small groups, up to programs that attract over 6,000 attendees.


ONYX enjoys a diverse client base and our clients are located on both coasts and in-between, which provides us with a rich perspective of corporate cultures. We’ve planned meetings and incentives for conservative business groups as well as for “beer drinkers and

hell-raisers.” We do both very well.



(No man – or person, if you will – is an island)


Our planners bring a wealth of experience to your meetings and events. You will have one senior planner as your single point of contact. In addition, we staff a key group of travel professionals who bring a wealth of on-site experience to your programs. Our team represents you to all of your attendees, so we demand a lot from them and they always come through for us.

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 (what would you say you do here?)

At ONYX, we take a different and somewhat unconventional approach to your meetings and incentives. We work with clients who expect excellence in organization, delivery and execution of their program. For our clients, good isn’t good enough. We deliver that excellence in every element from registration through departures. Details matter to ONYX.

As we stated above, if an element of your program is not content-related, we assume it is our responsibility and included within the scope of our management fee. With this basic guideline, there is no room for any detail to be missed.

Below is a list of elements we routinely provide to our clients as part of our overall management, but our overriding philosophy is to do whatever task is necessary to make sure your program is a success. We complete every element with painstaking accuracy and our professional eye is never off you as our client. We work your agenda, not ours. Whether budget-driven or just because of the special needs of the client, we adapt.


• Conduct site search and provide

   comprehensive option grid
• Negotiate and administer final hotel contract
• Manage room block
• Manage function space
• Monitor check-in procedures
• Manage bell staff
• Monitor service levels
• Create a rooming list of attendees


• Create online registration site
• Design registration information
• Create and provide reporting
• Manage attendee database
• Manage Mobile Meeting App



• Manage Arrival/Departure list
• Manage “Meet & Greet” staff
• Create departure notices
• Coordinate ground transportation

   for designated attendees


• Check all VIP suites
• Handle all special requests


• Manage food and beverage guarantees
• Create exciting and healthy menus
• Monitor quality of food and beverage
• Ensure proper labeling of all food items
• Monitor attendee food allergy needs

• Manage material distribution
• Precheck all function space
• Precheck all meeting rooms
• Manage hospitality desk
• Facilitate all lighting needs
• Manage audio/visual



• Overall budget management
• Manage hotel budget
• Manage ground transportation budget


• Monitor payment schedules
• Reconcile final hotel bill
• Provide detailed final bill with original supplier invoices

• Create original concepts
• Design décor and lighting looks
• Deliver your marketing or corporate 

   message to your audience
• Venue selection
• Manage talent and entertainment
• Create imaginative and exciting 

   stage designs



(We’re different, but in a good way)

In short, we want your business.


Our clients tell us that ONYX offers a very different meeting planning experience than what they have been used to with other meeting planning companies. There are three comments we consistently hear:

Uncommon Service: We’ve built a strong reputation because we consistently provide uncommon service and we do what we say we’re going to do. Simply put, we don’t lose clients due to performance. Period.

Price Transparency: We don’t make one dollar from our partnership with you that you don’t know about. Our contract will guarantee that in writing. You’ll see every invoice and know every cost detail of your meeting.

Depth of Service: With our staff, you’ll never feel as though other meetings are a higher priority. Our meeting planners will work side-by-side with you and your team.

We’re easily large enough to provide the confidence you’re looking for, but still small enough to care about every last detail and every last attendee.



If you can dream it, we can do it! That’s what most event planners will tell you. At ONYX, our events team will do the dreaming for you. You tell us your vision and we will take that gem of an idea and turn it into something unique while still reflecting your organization. We know how to get crazy, but we also know how to communicate professional elegance. From original concept creation to event production and execution, our focus is creating the event you could not have imagined, and yet, always dreamed of. We produce Receptions, Awards Banquets, Galas, Social/Networking Events, Holiday Parties, Golf Tournaments, Fundraisers, and more…all with your goals and your budget in mind.


• Concept/Theme Creation
• Design/Décor Creation and Sourcing
• Venue/Vendor Sourcing and Management

• Talent and Entertainment Sourcing and Management
• On-Site Production and Event Execution

• Transportation

• Registration